Saturday, July 25, 2009

Six Flags

This summer we have been trying to find cheap and fun things to do. Last week we went to a lot of places that my grandfather and grandmother planned for us to do together, but Six Flags was one of my favorite places we went to. It was our first time going. We went on a lot of rides and I loved all of them. Before we went on any rides we rode a train that took you around the park that showed you all the rides. We tried to do the little things first to get used to it before we went to the big rides. My favorite rides were Thunder River and Splash Waterfalls. We got soaking wet, it looked like we went swimming in our clothes. Thunder River was a ride down a river with rocks and it had a mini waterfall we went under. There was something on Thunder River that looked like a water gun the water came out so hard and fast. Splash Waterfalls was a rollercoaster that went up a huge hill as slow as it could go then turned really fast and all of the sudden you went straight down a steep hill into water. Those rides were so much fun, but we went on a lot more. We rode on a ride that was called The Dahlonega Mine Train I rode with my grandmother it was so much fun but it jerked a lot. There was this tunnel that you went in it went slow so it felt like you were done but all of the sudden we went straight down it felt like I was going to fall out but it was fun. Another thing we did was drive old fashion cars my cousin and I drove in one car she drove it was fun but kind of scary. After we went on that ride we went on this boat that went back and forth and spun us around on the base of the boat. When we were done with that we went to a show that had country music. It was great music. We were going to do so much more at the park but they closed down the park early because the water did not work. So we headed home. I had so much fun!