Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010

Today was the first day of our vacation at hilton Head. Yesterday on the way to Hilton Head our car broke down and we had to pull over and wait about an hour and a half for a wrecker to come and pull our car to the nearest carshop. We had to take a taxi to the carshop with the
wrecker following us. That took about thirty minutes to get to the carshop. Once we got there we had to wait for two hours while they tried to fix the car. They finally came to tell us that they could'nt fix it until that Monday. After that we had to rent a car but the place where you rent the cars closed in ten minutes so we had to go get behind a few people to rent a car so we could go on our trip. We got the biggest car they had so all of our luggage could fit in the car. Then we had to drive the car around to our car that had broken down to put all of the luggage in the rental car. Our luggage barely fit in the car we had to leave some things behind . After all of that we got in the car and got back on the road to Hilton Head.

Then we got into a lot of traffic because their was a big storm and the lighting hit two trees that blocked the road. Finally six hours later we were at the condo. We got there and unpacked everything and then we went swimming! It was a long day but im sure it will be worth it.