Friday, June 12, 2009

Baseball All-Stars

My brother made the allstar team this year. One day this week we went to his tournament . We left supper early just in case we got lost. It was about thirty minutes away. The time flew by so fast it seemed less than twenty minutes. We got there with time to spare. My gram, granddaddy, and my cousin came with us too.
My granddaddy stayed with my brother at the field. While my mom, gram, sister, cousin, and I went shopping. We expected to get back to the field in time for his game, but his game started ten minutes early. So we missed a couple of minutes of his first inning. They were ahead of the other team for the first four or five innings.
After those innings the other team started to catch up to our team. We were both tied for a little while. We ended up losing the game by one point the last few minutes. Everyone ended up playing a great game. They play three more games this season. I am so proud of my brother !

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