Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Turkey Trot and Rabbit Run

One morning this week I looked out the front window of my house. I saw a big black turkey. It was running in a zig-zag pattern in our high grass. I was wondering why it would be running. So, then I looked in front of it and saw a big gray rabbit. You could see it jump up in the grass every once in a while, then it would go back down into the grass and you couldn't see it anymore. The turkey chased the rabbit very far away. After a while I couldn't see where it had gone. It was very funny watching a turkey chase a rabbit in our front yard!


  1. I sure would like to have seen that! If your front-yard show continues to be so active, you all should keep a video camera handy and capture the action.

  2. That would have been fun to see. I love watching wildlife.

    Early one summer morning about 1973 I drove north along Booger Hollow Road on my way to Mike Burton's house. As I neared his house I saw a doe in a field of tall green hay, very near the road. I slowed down to watch. When she saw me she started trotting through the grass parallel to the road... and behind her, looking like a porpoise rolling in and out of a green sea, bounded a little spotted fawn. I'll never forget that image.

    And your running rabbit reminded me of it.

    Welcome to Blogdom!

  3. BTW, yesterday as Sheila and I drove out of my mother's street onto Huffacre a doe was headed up the shoulder on the opposite side. She turned onto your grandmother's street so we followed her as she ran through about three yards... till she spotted Jim Turrentine standing with a water hose in his yard. She stood in a neighbor's yard in a real quandary -- should she try to get by the monster in the Toyota or the one in the orange shirt? Finally she turned and ran back past us to Huffacre. (grin)